John V. Griffin

John (1936-1995) was born in Boston, Massachusetts. During the early 1960s, he worked as a radar technician on the Distant Early Warning (DEW) radar line in Alaska. Subsequently, he became a writer for industry and worked on a variety of writing assignments for defense and …

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Charles Straven

“The story is a fascinating juxtaposition of values and cultures – Chateaubriand and muktuk. The characters are definitely the men you might expect to be attracted to such remote outposts, they were the same men who would later migrate to jobs in Southeast Asia and …

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“This is the story of the emotions created by darkness, cold, isolation – fear and friendship. The DEW (Distant Early Warning) Line was one of the last frontiers of the American myth. It offered adventure, money, and an escape from reality and responsibility. It attracted …

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The coldest part of the Cold War…

Welcome to Alaska and ICY CAPE by John V. Griffin


Follow Quinn and his team through their adventures of working at this remote radar station in the early 1960s. Faulty equipment, local wildlife, and the weather are just some of the obstacles these men must overcome to survive.

Available in eBook, print, and audio!

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